Latoon Scribly's: I AM THE PAPER BAG

Hello! Welcome to my art blog (sometimes) of stuff! I am currently an Animation Major who wants to also draw COMIC BOOKS! And a bunch of other things. That being said this will be a hodgepodge of different things and art styles I am experimenting with.
-Paper Bag Latoon


A huge thank you to all of our friends and family that have supported us for the past 4 years at Ringling, and the past year and a half especially while working on this film.  We’re happy to finally share with all of you our graduation film:

"Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou"

-Michelle and Mike

Watch it; You will not be disappointed!  Made by two wonderful and very talented people!!


i need a cm punk retrieval arc on raw 

I have no words just Awe


Here is the film i spent the last year working on with my awesome teammates Aurry Tan and Sharon Huang, Legend of the Flying Tomato. Check it out!

Ringling film made by three very talented and awesome people; GIVE THEM YOUR LOVE!!


Wanted to try and learned something new (for me)


Wanted to try and learned something new (for me)

BeeFwee! (A Pokemon Parody)

The lovely Rebecca Parham has done it again! This time with pokemon

That was terrifying

neon colors shocked in my system


mitaukano asked: 18. Power Girl ( almost wrote grill)